Andrea Beaton

Cape Breton

Andrea Beaton is the youngest of generations of Beaton and MacMaster musicians, which explains why her music is at once her own and deeply rooted in the Cape Breton tradition. Like her father (Kinnon) and grandfather (Donald Angus), she is a lively violinist and composer, adding fine new music to the island's repertoire.

Andrea has released six albums including 2010 East Coast Music Award winning "Branches" and her latest, "Little Black Book", released in 2012. In 2007 she released an album with her father, Kinnon Beaton and in 2006 she recorded "The Tap Session" in Scotland with Troy MacGillivray, Fin Moore, and Luke Plumb. Her previous two releases, "Cuts" (2004) and "License to Drive'er" (2002), were both nominated for East Coast Music Awards.

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