Emily Dingwall

Cape Breton

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Emily Dingwall is a Cape Breton-based musician who is often sought out for her smooth harmonies, soulful bass additions and her chameleon-like ability to blend into any musical situation, on the fly.

Self-taught as both a bass player and guitarist, Emily has worked tirelessly to hone her craft, playing with some of the industry’s busiest musicians and has even spent time in the Nashville music scene to gain experience, with the help of singer/songwriter Gordie Sampson.

As a studio musician and vocalist, under the direction of producers such as Jamie Foulds of Soundpark Studios and Fred Lavery of Lakewind Sound, Emily has loaned her artistic abilities to such artists as J.P. Cormier, Aaron C. Lewis, Steven MacDougall, Laurel Martell and many others.

In 2013-2014, Emily had the invaluable experience of touring across Canada with award-winning multi-instrumentalist, J.P. Cormier. The pair traveled as a performance duo to a long list of Atlantic music festivals and shared the stage with the likes of Ricky Skaggs. More recently, Emily was asked to back-up and play acoustic guitar for one of Canada’s brightest young rising country artists, Genevieve Fisher, of London Ontario.

Emily is a full-time, passionate performance musician who regularly takes the stage with Cape Breton’s popular Celtic-rock band, The Privateers, and also enjoys playing with Rosa - a duo act, which also features Emily’s sister, Jen. Rosa has enjoyed some radio success with an original album titled “Spoken out Loud”, available on iTunes.

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