Upcoming shows

Date Saturday October 17th 2:00 PM
Show Ceòl nan Gàidheal: Sounds of the Gael
Venue St. Mary's Parish Hall

Féis Mhàbu Gaelic Singers

Cape Breton

Comunn Féis Mhàbu was founded to support both children and adults in their pursuit to learn more about Cape Breton's unique Gaelic culture. Féis Mhàbu allows individuals, particularly young people, to develop skills in the area of Gaelic language and performance arts and provides opportunities for the organizers to enhance the rich local culture with the talents and experience of tradition bearers from other areas of the Gaelic world. The youth performers that will be taking part in the Celtic Colours International Festival concert that will be hosted by Comunn Féis Mhàbu have been faithful participants in two of Féis Mhàbu's more unique programs.
Comunn Féis Mhàbu's "Eirich Air!" is an eight week Gaelic song mentorship program that invites members of the Gaelic song community and Gaelic tradition bearer guests to act as Gaelic song mentors. In order to create an authentic learning opportunity, the sessions were held in homes in the community to bring Gaelic language and song learning together in a natural and communal fashion. Comunn Féis Mhàbu's Musical Mentorship Program for youth musicians is an eight week program that uses house sessions to bring together talented young performers of Cape Breton music and dance with well established tradition bearers. The relaxed, informal atmosphere of the sessions is well suited for the passing on of music, dance and stories.