Fionia String Band


Fionia String Band delivers rustic and lively folk music including everything from good ol’ polka just like mamma played it and lyrical tunes to warm-hearted waltzes. The music is handpicked mainly from the Scandinavian repertoire as well as traditional music from Québec and Cape Breton.

Fionia String Band is a meeting between two generations of folk musicians based on a shared passion for traditional melodies.

The band consists of two of Denmark's top fiddlers, Michael Graubæk – Danish Traditional Musician of the Year 2010, and Jes Kroman who made Canadian folk music known all over Scandinavia in the 1980’s with the band La Bastringue. Jes Kroman was nominated for a Danish music award in 2006 in the categories Folk Artist of the Year, and Debut of the Year. Theis Juul Langlands on piano is a teacher at SMKS, Denmark’s only traditional music academy, he plays a variety of musical styles and adds a modern approach to the traditional tunes and is the best piano player in Denmark.

These musicians play with passion and intelligence and are obviously having a great deal of fun playing together. The music is easily accessible and offers a refreshingly modern interpretation of Danish traditional music.

Fionia String Band made their Celtic Colours debut last year and we're delighted to have them back.

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