Goiridh & Pàdruig Dòmhnullach

Cape Breton

Goiridh Dòmhnullach is a Gaelic singer, composer, storyteller and educator who was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from some of Cape Breton's best tradition-bearers, including Seumas MacAoidh, Seonaidh Aonghuis Bhig, Pàdruig Aonghuis Sìne, Fransas Dhùghaill Shandaidh and Rodaidh Ailig Ruairidh. He is one of a musical Cape Breton family, the "Dougalds" MacDonalds originating in Kingsville, Inverness County. He was influenced by traditional musicians on both sides of his family. Goiridh has performed in Scotland, Ireland, and Canada. He will be performing with his song Pàdruig this year at the Festival.

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