Mac Morin

Cape Breton

Mac Morin, dancer, piano & keyboard player, is a talented Troy, Cape Breton native whose ancestors were noted Cape Breton step dancers for several generations (including Mary C. MacDonald Morin - Mother - and John R.'Roddie Eddie' MacDonald - Grandfather). Mac has been dancing for over 10 years, first being taught by his mother and then the talented Warner sisters of Mabou, Cape Breton. Since then he has taken on the role as teacher in various private and workshop venues across North America and in Europe.

It wasn't until Mac was 16 that he became interested in playing piano. Fortunate to be surrounded by music, he was able to listen to some of the best fiddle players on the Island and began to accompany them at parties (among them, Derrick and Melody Cameron's regular Monday night house sessions) and a square set here or there at one of the local dances. His first, real, 'public' gig was at a wedding where Buddy MacMaster was playing. Buddy's piano player couldn't make it, and Buddy convinced a very shy Mac to jump on the piano.

After enjoying the music scene on the island, Mac was asked to begin touring regularly with Natalie MacMaster. He was a part of her band for two years and left in the spring of 2001 to tour more regularly with Beolach (, a band made up of several musician friends (Wendy MacIsaac, Mairi Rankin, Patrick Gillis, Ryan J MacNeil) and for the next 5 years, toured North America and Europe. During that time he continued to play with Natalie MacMaster on several occasions (Carnagie Hall for the Peter Jennings Tribute with Allison Krauss and Yoyo Ma, Corporate shows with Natalie and her husband, Donnell Leahy and more) and was part of Howie MacDonald's ever changing summer show, regular to Cape Breton since the summer of 2000.

During the fall of 2003, Mac released a self titled CD consisting of 17 tracks of traditional and contemporary Cape Breton music. The recording features several Cape Breton musicians (and some of their compositions) as well as some former Natalie MacMaster band members. Mac is currently working on a second recording.

Mac has been playing with Natalie MacMaster again since the summer of 2006 and within that time, has recorded and toured with The Rankin Family, Howie MacDonald, Mary Jane Lamond, Bela Fleck, Ian MacDougall, and members of Beolach. He continues to travel to teach Cape Breton step dancing.

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