Maxim Cormier

Cape Breton

Maxim Cormier is a young guitarist in his 20's from the Acadian village of Cheticamp, Cape Breton. Cormier's guitar playing demands the listener’s attention as he effortlessly provides a musical experience that is truly peaceful and yet extremely complex. It is this presentation of dynamic emotion and style that fuels every note Cormier hits.

Cormier’s original works are largely comprised of acoustic guitar that highlights a contemporary, modern approach to otherwise classic sounds. The word “versatility” best defines Cormier’s virtuosic talent as at a young age he masterfully performs styles as diverse as jazz, blues, folk, classical and traditional Celtic music.

In 2012, Cormier was awarded the Drive’ers Association and Lakewind Sound’s Big Sampie Award and released his debut album which features collaborations with Gervais Cormier, Scott Macmillan, Colin Grant, Jason Roach, Rankin MacInnis, Ben Marmen and Grammy Award winning Gordie Sampson.

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