Michael Hall

Cape Breton

  • Shows:

  • Saturday October 19th
    Dancing Up a Suête – La Place des arts Pére Anselme-Chiasson
Mike Hall is at the very forefront of the younger generation of Cape Breton-style fiddlers. His style is steeped in the tradition, and rich in the techniques and tunes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Though he was born in the province of New Brunswick, Mike has made of himself a precious link to the Cape Breton fiddlers of the past, a carrier of their legacy, and a promise for the future of this dynamic, complex, and rich music. In addition to his work on recordings by pianist Jason Roach and fiddler Kinnon Beaton, Mike has released two recordings—Dance Hall (2012), and A Legacy, Not to be Forgotten (2009).

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