The Belkolora Quintet

Cape Breton

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If music is the universal language, then how best can words from a spoken language describe it? When five friends fluent in music needed a name for their quintet, they looked to Esperanto - the international language - to find one, and the “Belkolora” or “beautiful colour” quintet was created.

The Belkolora Quintet, one of Cape Breton’s newest ensembles, features Peter MacDonald on piano, Laurie Gorman on clarinet, Richard MacAulay on flute, Barb Stetter on oboe, and Jenny Tingley on harp and flute.

Each has an active passion for music of all sorts - demonstrated by their work as both educators and talented performers in their own right. Now they’re arranging and performing music together - creating and developing their multi-coloured, beautiful Belkolora Quintet sound.

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