The Chaisson Family


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With roots that go back six generations, this family of players shares a legacy of tradition. Ever since Joe Pete Chaisson formed the PEI Fiddlers Association and established the Rollo Bay Fiddle festival, the family has worked to preserve and protect traditional music and dance on Prince Edward Island. Joe Pete’s three sons--Peter, Kenny and Kevin--still set the standard for younger generations to follow. Peter’s masterful touch on the fiddle has never wavered through decades of play. An accomplished composer and player, Kenny has tunes to can go on for days. Kevin is one of the most sought after piano accompanists on PEI and, when pushed into it, can play fiddle as well.

The next generation has produced an amazing list of players thanks to the work set forth by Joe Pete, and his sons and daughters. Some of these sons and daughters, all talented and dedicated to saving the music, include J.J. Chaisson, Timothy Chaisson, Koady Chaisson, Elmer Deagle Jr., Brent Chaisson, Darla Chaisson, Steven Chaisson and Melody Chaisson. One can only imagine what is coming down the line as the great grand children of Joe Pete discover the music of their ancestors.

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