Tyson Chen

Cape Breton

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Tyson Chen is an accomplished pianist from Ottawa, Ontario who now lives in Mabou, Cape Breton. He started classical piano at a young age and soon learned many other styles from ragtime to rock. Over the past few years, he has immersed himself in the celtic music scene and learned the Cape Breton style of piano accompaniment.

Tyson regularly accompanies local fiddlers for ceilidhs, square dances, and sessions throughout Cape Breton and Nova Scotia, and has been invited to play and teach workshops back in Ottawa. He recently performed in the hugely successful local musicals "John Archie & Nellie" and "The Weddin Dance", in which he was also the musical director.

Tyson's vibrant piano accompaniment and his solo performances are crowd pleasers and are influenced by his broad musical experience as well as his technical and artistic backgrounds in engineering and graphic design.

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