Ceilidh Attracts International Audience

The Ceilidh in Cape Breton Attracts International Audience

St. Ann’s, Nova Scotia- Cape Breton is today’s global village as visitors from around the globe ceilidh at Celtic Colours 2000. Music fans and culture mavens from Europe, Asia, and across North America are attending Celtic Colours International Festival this year. With twenty three shows now old out, this year’s festival is living up to its reputation as a world class event.

A random sampling of Celtic Colours’ audience ballots reflected attendance by guests from seven Canadian provinces and nine American states. Organizers say they’ve greeted fans from Switzerland, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, England, and Czechoslovakia as well. “ Celtic Colours truly is a ceilidh worthy of worldwide attendance. We’re happy to see visitors from many countries coming to experience Cape Breton culture”, says Sam MacPhee, Festival Society Chair.

The world media is also in attendance with reporters and photographers from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, joined by a host of North American journalists covering Celtic Colours 2000 shows. Wolfgang Koenig, of German Public Radio, offers this overview of the festival; “ It’s impressive to see how much the communities are involved in the festival. The volunteers give so much time and energy; it’s truly amazing. It’s special to see the culture, especially the Gaelic language so alive here. The talent is brilliant. The Barra MacNeils were a pleasant surprise, and JP Cormier, who I knew from past festivals, is always brilliant. The festival showcases an amazing mass of talent.”

Koenig was also impressed with the diversity of the audience, “ It’s incredible the reach this festival has. Audiences are from around the world, not just from the local area or even the Eastern Seaboard.”

For those who can’t travel to the festival, Celtic Colours is going digital. Moneyworld, a film production company based in Toronto, filmed a portion of the Christmas Island Ceilidh to be used in a movie designed for the Internet. The World Wide Web will feature the program, along with coverage from communities in four other continents, as a look into how small communities and their cultures maintain their uniqueness in a global economy.

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