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By Laura Jean Grant – Cape Breton Post

Sydney – The Celtic Colours International Festival has been featured
prominently in several leading roots-traditional magazines in recent

Festival director Max MacDonald said lengthy articles about the Cape
Breton festival, accompanied by photos, have appeared in Irish Music
out of Ireland, Living Tradition based in Scotland, Dirty Linen from
the United States and British Style from Moscow.

Festival Director Max MacDonaldMacDonald
said with hundreds of Celtic festivals taking place around the world
each year, the exposure they’ve received in these magazines is

“When you have a cover story written in all of those it really just separates you from the pack,” he said.

MacDonald said the articles are a result of a concerted effort by
festival organizers to have journalists from around the world attend
Celtic Colours.

“Part of what we do, and have done for years, is to encourage in any
way we can, foreign journalists to come to the festival,” he said. “All
of these magazines were here this past year and they’ve all written
these amazing stories as a result so we’re pretty darn pleased.”

MacDonald noted the articles positively reflect not only on the Celtic Colours festival itself but on Cape Breton overall.

“The festival is set in a real place, in a real culture and that’s what we find that these stories have in common,” he said.

He explained that many festivals are based in large urban areas that
don’t necessarily reflect the music and culture being celebrated, but
that’s simply not the case with Celtic Colours which prides itself on
showcasing music and culture in communities of all sizes across Cape

“(Journalists) really find Celtic Colours to be a different kind of a story, more of a unique story,” he said.

With the 10th anniversary of Celtic Colours coming up in October,
MacDonald said the magazine articles are a timely means of spreading
the word about the festival around the world.

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