Celtic Colours featured on Bravo! this weekend

The Colours of Celtic is a lively music documentary that celebrates Cape Breton’s cultural roots through the annual Celtic Colours International Festival. Filmed on location in October 2003, the program features musicians, singers and storytellers from all over the island and around the world including Carlos Nunez, Howie MacDonald, Sian James, Mary Jane Lamond, Ferintosh, Flook, A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, Angus MacLeod, Rod C. MacNeil, Paul K. MacNeil and Mairi MacInnes. Whether you’re already counting the days until October or still not sure just what this Celtic Colours International Festival is all about, tune in to The Colours of Celtic, airing on Bravo! – Saturday, July 12 at 11 pm; Sunday, July 13 at 7 am; and Monday, July 14 at 5 am (EDT).

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