Celtic Colours in the Schools

Celtic Colours knows that for our culture and traditions to continue to thrive, they must be passed on to the next generation. Currently we offer three programs that we deliver to schools across Cape Breton Island. Please watch our video for an introduction and read on below for details on each of the programs.

1. Celtic Colours In The Schools – Elementary Program

This is a musical participatory presentation celebrating how our Celtic cultural heritage is still prevalent today. It takes place in May, which is Gaelic Awareness Month in Nova Scotia. Delivered by young Gaelic speakers and musicians, the program presents a current context of traditional music, song, and story. The 50 minute presentation features interaction between the Artists delivering the program and the students through games, call and response, and participation and it’s fun!

For teachers:
The Celtic Colours in the Schools Elementary Program provides a spring board for classroom discussion, and provides material you can use for helping your students reach the General Curriculum Outcomes for grades P-6, particularly Music, Social Studies, and Gaelic.

General Curriculum Outcomes Assisted:


  • Demonstrate critical awareness of and value for the role of the arts in creating and reflecting culture
  • Respect the contributions to the arts of individuals and cultural groups in local and global contexts, and value the arts as a record of human experience and expression
  • Examine the relationship among the arts, societies, and environments

Social Studies:

  • Demonstrate culture, diversity, and world view, recognizing the similarities and differences reflected in various personal, cultural, racial, and ethnic perspectives.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the past and how it affects the present and the future

There are also a variety of Grade-specific Curriculum Outcomes that are directly linked to this presentation.

2. Celtic Colours In The Schools – JR / SR High Program

This is a performance-based presentation that brings professional Artists who are part of the current year’s Celtic Colours International Festival Lineup into the school to share the Celtic culture through music. This includes both local Artists as well as those from other countries and cultures. This allows students and their educators an opportunity to see Celtic music in a new light, to consider how collaborative arrangements allow for fusion with other genres while still being culturally relevant. The show runs 50 minutes in length. It is a youthful, lively presentation that is meant to inspire!

3. Roots in the Room

This new program focuses on music classes in select schools in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board and Strait Regional School board (predominately Grade 9 Explore Music classes). Over the course of the winter, working closely with the music teachers, a series of classroom visits will be coordinated — visits from local musical artists – songwriters and composers – working in the Roots Traditional Genre, who will come to share their personal stories, musical style, and knowledge with the students. The project is supported by funding from the NS Dept of Communities, Culture and Heritage’s Cultural Opportunity for Youth program.

The goal of these programs is to foster the growth of the Celtic Culture by providing opportunities for youth to embrace it. We offer a learning opportunity, a way for children to get inspired, a way to connect with a strong part of the Island’s heritage, and we are introducing that the choice of including traditional music in their own creative repertoire as it develops. The long-term goal of audience-development is also imbedded in these programs. Roots in the Room is a pilot program.  If you are interested in booking this program please contact our Outreach Coordinator Yvette Rogers – (902) 572-6700.

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