Tickets for select Community Meals available for purchase online

The Cape Breton Community MealThere is a longstanding tradition of community meals on Cape Breton Island. From community halls, to church auxiliaries, to fire departments, there are a variety of groups who specialize in some type of meal that could (and often does) feed an entire village.

For Celtic Colours—a festival with a penchant for celebrating local culture—our history of including community meals evolved from both an appreciation of the classic pancake breakfast, a feed of fishcakes and beans, a good old-fashioned roast beef dinner, or the variety of a community-contributed potluck, and the need to feed a mass of people attending concerts in rural areas with limited options for dining.

This year the Celtic Colours Community Meals have evolved yet again. Given that many of the concerts have a nearby meal, we are offering the option to purchase select meal tickets through our box office – the same place you’d grab your concert tickets.

Given that this is our first year for trying out this system, not all meal tickets will be available for purchase through the box office. Some meals will still require that you phone or email the community organization contact directly via the event contact information listed in the meal description, and there are a few others that are first-come-first-served. The various options will be stated in the meal description.

In any case, we hope you plan to dine with folks from across the pond and down the road as part of your Celtic Colours International Festival experience this year.

Call toll free for more information +1(877) 285-2321