Festival welcomes Scottish artist Dougie MacLean

You can take singer/songwriter Dougie MacLean out of Scotland (although it’s not easy) but you can never take Scotland out of Dougie MacLean. Known as one of Scotland’s most popular and talented musical ambassadors, Dougie MacLean will join the cast of performers featured at Celtic Colours International Festival 1999.

Celtic Colours organizers have been working for three years to bring Dougie to the festival but like most Cape Bretoners, he is reluctant to leave home. Organizer Max MacDonald says this will surely be a highlight. “I’ve seen Dougie perform a number of times and it never ceases to amaze me how one man can get thousands of audience members singing together as one”, said MacDonald.

Dougie’s only full length concert at this year’s Celtic Colours International Festival will be on October 15at at the Junior/Senior Highschool in Inverness. This special evening will feature Dougie along with Scotland’s Wrigley Sisters and the exciting energy of Cape Breton’s Slàinte Mhath.

MacLean will also perform as part of one of the most popular events during Celtic Colours – the “Bards and Ballads” show in Baddeck on October 13th and he will join a multitude of talented performers at the “World’s Biggest Square Dance” in the Festival closing, also in Baddeck, on October 16th.

Since his earliest days as a solo artist after leaving the Tannahill Weavers, MacLean has written song after song that speaks of his beloved homeland. The most famous of these is the hauntingly beautiful Caledonia, the unofficial Scottish national anthem, which has been recorded by artists all over the world including the Barra MacNeils.

Dougie’s songs are rooted in family, ancestry, the land and the people who made an impression on him when he was growing up. While he is one of Scotland’s most gifted and successful contemporary singer/songwriters, the fundamental values of his music remain rooted in the ancient Scottish culture. “The spirit of what I sing and the music I make comes from my mum and dad and from my grandfather singing Gaelic songs to me when I was a kid”, said MacLean.

Celtic Colours International Festival tickets are available at Centre 200, the Savoy Theatre and UCCB’s Boardmore Playhouse, Centre Bras d’Or in Baddeck, Glace Bay Pharmasave or by calling the Select-A-Seat Hotline at 564-6668 or toll free at 1-888-355-7744.

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