Frequently Asked Questions

Is it (soft C) Celtic Colours or (hard C) Celtic Colours?
Hard, the ‘C’ in Celtic is the same as the ‘C’ in Colours.

When will the next Celtic Colours International Festival take place?
The next Celtic Colours International Festival will take place 9-17 October 2015.

When is the artist lineup and show schedule announced?
The artist lineup and show schedule will be announced June 22, 2015 here on our website.

When will Celtic Colours tickets go on sale?
Tickets will go on sale at 10am ADT on Monday, July 6, 2015.

How can I get some help deciding which shows I should see and where?
Call our toll free line at 1-877-285-2321 and we will provide you with suggestions based on your preferences.

How important is it to book my tickets before October?
It is very important to book your tickets as soon as possible to get the shows and seats that you want. Some shows sell out quite quickly.

Do I need to book my accommodations early?
Yes. Return visitors know to reserve their hotel rooms as soon as they decide which shows they want to see.

Can you recommend a place to stay?
Please see our Accommodations & Vehicle Rental Specials page, visit or call 1-800-565-0000 and ask for the Nova Scotia Doers and Dreamers Guide and a map.

How far is it from ‘A’ to ‘B’?
See our Venue Locator Maps under “Plan Your Visit”, and then “Travel Guide” on the Celtic Colours Website. Simply click on the show date, enter your starting location and click on the show location or call Celtic Colours at 1-877-285-2321 toll free for information.

Is there public transportation across Cape Breton Island?
You will need to rent a car to travel throughout rural Cape Breton Island.

What is a Ceilidh and how do you pronounce it?
A KAY-LEE (accent on 1st syllable) is a fun and friendly Celtic gathering to listen, play and dance.

What is a Kitchen Racket?
A fun evening: Musicians, players, and singers of all skill levels are invited to join in our Kitchen Rackets acoustic jam sessions. Residents and visitors are all welcome to attend as participants or listeners.

Is there anything going on in the afternoon that children can attend?
Our Outdoor Events, Participatory Events, Learning Opportunities and Visual Arts Series provide opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy, celebrate and interact with our culture and our island.

Do I have to reserve a community meal?
See our Community Meals page or call Celtic Colours at 1-877-285-2321 toll free for information.

The website keeps getting me ‘Best Seat”. How can I get seats farther back?
Call our Box Office to let us know where you want to sit.

The show I want to attend is in a church. Are there any poles in this church?
We always ensure that the seating has no obstructions.

Do I need to buy tickets in advance for the Festival Club at the Gaelic College?
No. Tickets are available at the door. Use the ticket stub from the show you attended that day to enter for half price.

Where can I buy Celtic Colours merchandise?
Please view our Celtic Colours Merchandise page.

Is merchandise for sale at every show?
No, merchandise is available at one show per day, and every evening at the Festival Club.

Is there transportation to and from Baddeck to the Festival Club?
Yes, there is a free shuttle service that stops at each major hotel. Please check the front desk of any accommodations provider in Baddeck for the current schedule.

Call toll free for more information +1(877) 285-2321