May sees return of Schools Program, Gaelic Awareness Month

“Celtic Colours in the Schools” is a participatory musical presentation celebrating how our Celtic cultural heritage is still prevalent today. Delivered by young Gaelic speakers and musicians, the program presents a current context of traditional music, song, and story.

Your Elementary School can sign up to have the in-school presentation “Celtic Colours In the Schools” delivered to all your students and teachers during Gaelic Awareness Month!

This presentation can be brought to your school between May 14th and 29th, 2012.

Sign up to book your spot for the presentation by contacting Celtic Colours Outreach Coordinator Yvette Rogers at (902) 562-6700 or

Fees are $2 per student enrolled, or there is a bulk fee option for larger schools.

This presentation also fits in complementary fashion to follow the Highland Village Museum’s historical classroom visit program “Sgadan is Buntàta/Herring and Potatoes”, if your school happens to opt for both programs. This ensures a well-rounded perspective of the culture from historic elements, through pioneer days, into today, by showing how heritage and tradition have carried forward into current day culture through art and language.

For Jr & Sr High students we offer a performance-based Celtic Colours in the Schools program that takes place in September and October that will feature exciting artists from the 2012 Celtic Colours International Festival lineup. If you would like to pre-book your school, contact

Call toll free for more information +1(877) 285-2321