Thursday, October 15th, 2015


Charter bus from Sydney (Hampton Inn) to Baddeck (Inverary Inn)


9:30-5:00: Bus Tour (Optional)

The Golden Shore. A day-long guided bus tour to the Highland Village Museum (a living history museum) and Wagmatcook Cultural Centre. The tour includes travel along the scenic Bras d’Or Lakes, admission to both sites, a local guide, and lunch at the Clean Wave Restaurant at the Wagamatcook Cultural Centre, and travel back to Baddeck in time for supper and an evening concert.


7:30-10:00: Celtic Colours Concert – “Celtic Couples” or “Tuneful Times”


Greenwood United Church, Baddeck

“Celtic Couples”

On Cape Breton Island, making music is often a family affair. And as we all know, most families begin with a couple. So every now and then we like to celebrate these couples who share a love of making music together. The cozy little Greenwood United Church in Baddeck will be overflowing tonight with a something for every music lover in town. Piper Paul K. MacNeil and piano-player Tracey Dares MacNeil recorded an album together way back in 2000 and have been making music together ever since. They now have five daughters who step dance, play fiddle and sing in Gaelic. Old Tyme fiddler Calvin Vollrath will be joined tonight by a special dancer, his wife Rhea. Derrick Cameron performs regularly with his wife Melody, a well-known fiddler and dancer. And singer-songwriter Lisa Cameron will be joined by her husband Vern MacDougall on guitar for some songs from her three albums.


Tickets: $30 (NAFCo discount applies if purchased in advance by phone)


Cape Breton Highlands Academy, Belle Cote

“Tuneful Times”

NAFCo will provide transportation
Bus departs the Inverary Inn at 6:00

Visit this beautiful coast tonight for an outstanding evening of music and dancing. Liz and Kieran from Open the Door for Three feel right at home in Belle Cote, as they have been regular visitors most summers for many years. Their visits have led to some famous house parties, and Liz and Kieran got to know Shelly and Allan, a duo no stranger to gigs at the Doryman just up the road in Chéticamp. With all the tunes on the go, it’s obvious there’ll be some dancing involved. With a name meaning tuneful, melodious and fluent, Fileanta will have you lifted off your seats and tapping your feet with their intricate footwork, energizing Gaelic rhythms and lighthearted nature. The eight member group will perform a local square set sure to leave you feeling exhilarated. Mac Morin is a member of Fileanta and with the spectacular percussive dancer Nic Gareiss also performing tonight, there’s a chance for last year’s Artists in Residence to revisit some of their tuneful steps.


Tickets: $30/25 (NAFCo discount applies if purchased in advance by phone)


11:00-the wee hours: Festival Club

Colaisde Na Gàidhlig / The Gaelic College

One of the benefits of being in Baddeck is our proximity to Celtic Colours’ Festival Club, a very popular spot! Courtesy buses run from Baddeck hotels to the Club throughout the evening. Tickets are $20, or $10 if you have a concert ticket from earlier in the day. Although the Festival Club is open every night, this is an ideal night to attend given that no conference papers are scheduled tomorrow morning.







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