Shows Saturday, October 12th

Acadian Celtic Crossroads

2:00 PM, Étoile de l'Acadie, Sydney, Tickets: $30/25

We meet at the crossroads of Celtic, Acadian and Cajun traditions with music, song and dance that reveals our close ties across the miles.

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Dirk Powell | David Greely | Le bruit court dans la ville | Pierre Chartrand | Colin Grant | Joël Chiasson | Delores Boudreau | Pieds en cadence


Highlands and Islands – SOLD OUT

2:00 PM, St. Matthew's United Church, Inverness, Tickets: $25

Sounds from the Highlands of Scotland will ring in the highlands of Cape Breton and friends from Prince Edward Island will feel right at home.

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Breabach | Troy MacGillivray | Allan Dewar | The Chaisson Family


Tee and Tunes – SOLD OUT

7:30 PM, Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre, Wagmatcook, Tickets: $30/25

The Teetotallers have come all the way from Ireland to swap tunes with Mairi, Mac and Matt and to share songs with the boys from Dry Bones. A good cup of tea is sure to hit the spot.

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The Teetotallers | Mairi Rankin | Matt MacIsaac | Mac Morin | Dry Bones


Kelly’s Dream – SOLD OUT

7:30 PM, Boularderie School, Boularderie, Tickets: $30/25

Boularderie Island sits in the lea of Kelly’s Mountain but tonight it rocks in a completely different way with songs, fiddle tunes and dance from down the road and across the causeway.

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Bruce Guthro | Jennifer Roland Band | The Modern Grass


Taste of the Festival

7:30 PM, Joan Harriss Cruise Pavilion, Sydney, Tickets: $40/35/30

For a sample of what Celtic Colours 2013 has in store, how about a taste of Nordic, Cape Breton, PEI, foot stompin’ tunes and heartfelt songs? And that’s just the appetizer.

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Ashley MacIsaac | Harald Haugaard | Kimberley Fraser | Lennie Gallant | The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc | Hallgrim Hansegård


Festival Club

11:00 PM, Colaisde Na Gàidhlig/Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Tickets: $20 / $10 with concert ticket stub

Located at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, the licensed Festival Club offers an opportunity for artists to showcase in a more informal setting, as well as get a session in with friends and colleagues from near and far.

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