Queen of the Highlands Newsletter – issue 11

Celtic Connections:
Greetings from a rainy Cape
Breton which is helping to thaw the icy world that has formed over us
in the last month. Joella and Max attended the Celtic Connections
Festival in Glasgow in January. Among many other things, Joella was one
of the judges of the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician of
the Year Award because Celtic Colours offered the winner a performance
spot at this year¹s festival.

As a result, we are very pleased that Anna Massie, a brilliant 19 year
old triple threat on fiddle, guitar and mandolin will be with us this
October. In the small world category, Anna and her parents visited
Celtic Colours as ticket buyers in 2000.

Venue Selection:
year, the Celtic Colours International Festival publicly calls for
expressions of interest from community groups to host festival events.
Consideration is given to overall geographical representation and the
necessity for a variety of presentations. Preference is given to groups
who meet the following criteria:

  • Extensive experience in preserving and enriching the Celtic culture within their community
  • A strong core of committed and enthusiastic volunteers
  • Access to a suitable community venue to accommodate public events

are currently in the process of inspecting the new applicants’ venues
and reviewing the repeat groups. The Board of Directors will meet on
March 21st to make venue decisions and we will post the venue schedule
on March 25th. This will be the venue schedule only (where & when)
and will not contain the show lineups. Some other deadline dates are
listed below.

Important Festival Deadlines:

  • Some deadlines that may be of interest to you in planning your visit are as follows:
  • We will post the schedule of venues on the site by March 25th.
  • We will post the show lineups by June 16th.
  • Tickets will go on sale July 14th.

Call toll free for more information +1(877) 285-2321