Queen of the Highlands Newsletter – issue 2


Schedule of Venues

At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Celtic Colours Festival Society, the 2001 Venue Schedule was approved. This is several months ahead of previous years in an attempt to help you make travel plans. We will be updating show content information in the coming weeks with a full schedule of information available in June. To view click on 2001 Venue Schedule

Artists in Residence

Celtic Colours will be hosting Mary Jane Lamond and Tony McManus as Artists in Residence for the 2001 Festival. This is the first year for this program at the Festival and we are fortunate to have such highly regarded artists participating.

Mary Jane Lamond is a sharer of songs, stories and spirit. This sharing has garnered Mary Jane numerous Juno and East Coast Music Award nominations, critical acclaim and a worldwide audience. Mary Jane has just released her fourth recording Òrain Ghàidhlig (Gaelic Songs of Cape Breton), a traditional recording dedicated to the fine Gaelic singers of Cape Breton.

Tony McManus is considered to be one of the finest acoustic guitar players in the world. He has developed a solo guitar repertoire of startling originality, combining mesmerizing technique with a deep love of traditional music from the Islands of his homeland in Scotland and beyond. McManus is also well versed in the traditions of Brittany, Galicia, Quebec, Austuries, Cape Breton and eastern Europe. He’s also a heck of a good guy!


We are also working at expanding the workshop component of the Festival. Tony and Mary Jane will be helping in this regard. Tony will be offering some master guitar classes for two different levels of ability and plans to include some of his students in a special public performance. Mary Jane is going to help us expand on the Gaelic learning opportunities we have to offer. There will also be a number of focused learning sessions with festival artists at the Gaelic College on various instruments. More on this later.

– Max MacDonald – producer

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