Queen of the Highlands Newsletter – issue 3

National Award Received!

Attractions Canada named Celtic Colours as the Top Cultural Event in Canada with a budget over $350,000 at a gala dinner in Halifax last night. This comes on the heels of being named the Top Event in Canada for 2001 by the American Bus Association. Many thanks to all sponsors, volunteers, staff and especially you ticket buyers who have supported Celtic Colours and helped us to be recognized nationally and internationally.

Artist Announcement Changed

As we reported in the first newsletter, the artist lineup will be released on line following the announcement at the fundraising dinner at the Gaelic College. However, the date of the dinner has been moved to June 23rd and the artist lineup will also be moved. We know that you’re anxious but this is still one month sooner that ever.

Big Pond Fire Hall

You may have heard that the Big Pond Fire Hall was lost in a fire last week. This building has a long history as a community centre and has been a Celtic Colours venue from the beginning. I remember that during the first year of the Festival our friend, Carsten Panduro from the Tønder Festival in Denmark, was totally amazed that anyone would think of driving the fire trucks out of a building and then having a square dance! But that’s the kind of place it was and will be again. Plans are already underway to replace the structure and knowing the strength of community in Big Pond we hope to celebrate the opening of the new building during Celtic Colours. Stay tuned for updates on this.

Fortress of Louisbourg Chapel…. It’s Back!

We were very disappointed to learn some months ago that because of major renovations planned at Fortress Louisbourg, we would not be able to have a performance at the Chapel this year. Well it’s back! There was a shortfall in the funding required for the project at the Fortress which has freed up the space for us. We’ve got a killer show planned that will take place on Mon. Oct. 8th.

Non Smoking Policy at Festival Venues

At the last meeting of the Board of Directors, a non smoking policy was adopted for all Celtic Colours festival venues. Most of our venues were already non smoking but the Board felt it was time to extend this to all venues. I know that some of our patrons have experienced some difficulty because of health reasons and hope this move will be appreciated by all.

Max MacDonald – Producer

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