Shows Wednesday, October 16th

Brothers and Sisters (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, St. Peter's Parish Church, Ingonish, Tickets: $25

An Irish band of brothers swap tunes with the Beaton sisters and their friends from home. Fiddles, banjos and pipes galore!

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We Banjo 3 | The Beaton Sisters Band | Matt MacIsaac | Mac Morin | Mairi Rankin | Nathaniel Smith


Guitar Summit (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, Judique Community Centre, Judique, Tickets: $35/30

They’re at the top of their game and the tool of choice is a guitar. Join six of the best at the summit.

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J.P. Cormier | Tony McManus | Dave MacIsaac | Scott Macmillan | J.J. Chaisson | Quinn Bachand


Pure Celtic Heart : A Tribute to Maybelle (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, Cape Breton Highlands Academy, Belle Côte, Tickets: $30/25

The Queen of the Cape Breton Piano is honoured by friends and family near where the Chisholms of Margaree passed down the music.

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Maybelle Chisholm McQueen | Ashley MacIsaac | Brian Doyle | MacDonalds of Glenuig | Chrissy Crowley | Jason Roach | Brian Doyle | Harvey Beaton | Colleen MacLellan & family


Irish Roots & Rhythms (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, L'Ardoise Community Centre, L'Ardoise, Tickets: $30/25

Irish roots and Quebecois rhythms make a connection in Acadian L’Ardoise. Beware the energy level when they get together!

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Sharon Shannon | De Temps Antan | Anita MacDonald & Ben Miller


Full of Panache (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, United Protestant Church of Sydney River, Sydney River, Tickets: $30/25

The girls from Quebec meet the boys from Scotland as Andrea and Angus bring their new friends home to meet their Celtic Colours family.

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Panache Quartet | Dàimh | Cyril MacPhee | Décota McNamara


Fretless Friendships (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, Greenwood United Church, Baddeck, Tickets: $25

From across the ocean and across the country, virtuoso string players and balladeers share the results of their friendship in this beautiful church.

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Dwayne Côté | Roger Stone | The Fretless | Adam Sutherland & Hamish Napier


Festival Club

11:00 PM, Colaisde Na Gàidhlig/Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Tickets: $20 / $10 with concert ticket stub

Located at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, the licensed Festival Club offers an opportunity for artists to showcase in a more informal setting, as well as get a session in with friends and colleagues from near and far.

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