Acadian Welcome

Wednesday October 15th

Étoile de l'Acadie, Sydney – 7:30 PM, Tickets: $30/25, Reserved Seating

A little slice of Acadia is alive and well right in the heart of Sydney. Etoile de l’Acadie is a school, but it’s also a cultural centre and tonight rolls out the welcome mat to friends from Quebec, Cheticamp and across the sea. De Temps Antan takes fiddle, accordion, harmonica, guitar, bouzouki and blends them with the unmistakable joie de vivre found only in traditional Quebec music. J.P. Cormier combines multi-instrumental virtuosity with heartfelt songs. His Cheticamp roots are strong but his influences range from Nashville to Afganistan. Regardless of where the music comes from, in l’Acadie, dancing is sure to break out. Nic Gareiss is one of the best and he brought Maeve Gilchrist from Scotland to play harp. But he’s sure to swap Cheticamp steps with Christine and Sylvie or do a reel to Leanne and Susan’s tunes. This could be catching, so bring your dancing shoes!

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