Dance Dance Wherever You May Be

Tuesday October 15th

Strathspey Place, Mabou – 7:30 PM, Tickets: $35/30/25, Reserved Seating

Dance is just as popular and exciting whether you come from Norway, Quebec, Scotland, Appalachia or Cape Breton. It is well-established that dance tradition is an important, if not defining, influence on Cape Breton's traditional music. Tonight we see how dance influences traditional music from around the world. Nic Gareiss, Pierre Chartrand, Normand Legault, Hallgrim Hansegård, and the Pellerin Brothers represent some of the top dancers in each of their traditions. And we've lined up some expert accompaniment in Shelly Campbell and Allan Dewar, Breabach and Raz de marée. This amazing array of dance styles will knock your socks off.
Nearby meal: Roast Beef Dinner, St. Peter's Parish Hall

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