Feisty Friends

Friday October 17th

Highland Village Church, Iona – 7:30 PM, Tickets: $25, General Admission

Tonight will be a great reunion of friends from the Western side of the Island here in the wee church on the hill. Joanne MacIntyre has often been the face of Highland Village with her beautiful Gaelic singing but she grew up in Mabou where she teaches Gaelic. That’s just down the road from where Andrea Beaton learned to play the fiddle from her father Kinnon. Andrea has brought home her new all-girl fiddle quartet and is sure to thrill both traditional and original fans with their fiery arrangements and exciting rhythms. Shelly Campbell and Andrea have been playing fiddles together since they were kids. Allan may feel a bit outnumbered in this feast of feisty female talent, but never fear. He’ll be keeping pace on the ivories and enjoying every minute of this special reunion.

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