Such Devoted Sisters (SOLD OUT)

Saturday October 11th

St. Matthew's United Church, Inverness – 2:00 PM, Tickets: $25, General Admission

There’s nothing quite like sisters for reading each other’s minds, and when they make music together, it can be nothing short of magic. They just seem to know by looking at each other when it’s time for a key change, a tune turn, or a new step. Today in Inverness, the Beatons, the Wrigleys, the Haas sisters, the singing Campbells and the dancing MacDonalds take us from devotion to dynamite in the beautiful St. Matthew’s United Church. These sister teams will delight with songs, steps and lively tunes from Orkney, the Isle of Skye, the US and Cape Breton. You will feel the love!

Nearby meal: Luncheon, Inverness County Centre for the Arts

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