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LesZorvenantsLes Zorvenants

Three talented Acadian musicians with deep roots in the Chéticamp region have been coming together since 2004 to share their community’s traditional songs and the stories behind them. Jean-René Bourgeois is a founding member of Les Habitants, a band that recorded and toured a repertoire of 18th century French music with many historical connections to Cape Breton’s Acadian song traditions. Marcel LeFort has been performing professionally since his early teens. His musical adaptability has thick Acadian roots and he has played with Cyril MacPhee, J.P. Cormier, Ronald Bourgeois and the Phantoms. Robert Deveaux spent much of his youth in the dance halls of Cape Breton playing Scottish fiddle and piano before rekindling his relationship with traditional Acadian songs.

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MarcBoudreauMarc Boudreau

Marc Boudreau, from Cheticamp, has been thrilling audiences with his fiddle-playing and stepdancing since the age of eight. He was the first recipient of the Tic Butler Music Award and has performed at numerous ceilidhs, dances and festivals around the East Coast and beyond. Marc has become one of the best younger generation fiddlers, possessing an amazing drive that will surely get you off your chair and on to your feet. Marc’s first album, Steppin’ It Up, was released in June 2008. It featured Dave MacIsaac on guitar and Joel Chiasson on piano. He has recently released his second album, Live at the Doryman Pub. He was accompanied by Howie MacDonald and Hilda Chiasson on piano and Chris Babineau on guitar.

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MaximCormierMaxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier is a young guitarist in his 20′s from Cheticamp, Cape Breton. His guitar playing is both truly peaceful and extremely complex and this presentation of dynamic emotion and style fuels every note Maxim plays. His original works are largely comprised of acoustic guitar that highlights a contemporary, modern approach to otherwise classic sounds. The word “versatility” best describes Cormier as he effortlessly performs styles as diverse as jazz, blues, folk, classical and traditional Celtic music. In 2012, Cormier was awarded the Drive’ers Association’s Big Sampie Award and released his debut album.

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RazdemareRaz de marée

Raz de marée (Tidal Wave) is a unique traditional music ensemble on the Quebecois folk music scene. Composed of accomplished musicians, the ensemble has evolved since 2004 primarily as a dance band, infusing them with the original essence of traditional instrumental music: to make people dance. Raz de Marée—whose members come from Quebec (Sabin Jacques on accordion and violin Eric Favreau), Acadie (Rachel Aucoin on piano and vocals) and New England (Stuart Kenney on bass and banjo)—invites cultures to meet and share a passion for traditional music and dance. Raz de Marée reveals a deeply rooted music, authentic and heartfelt. Relying primarily on a traditional repertoire, their music is contagiously energetic and sensitive.

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PiedsencadencePieds en cadence

Pieds en cadence is a dance troupe from Centre scolaire Étoile de l’Acadie in Sydney. Founded in 2010 by its director Christine Doucet, the troupe presents a variety of choreographies influenced by the Acadian and Celtic cultures of Cape Breton. These girls take great pride in representing their school and community while square dancing and step dancing to traditional music.

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GuidingLightsofIsleMadameGuiding Lights of Isle Madame

Guided walking and driving tour of the historic lighthouses of Isle Madame, with songs, stories and hands-on activities.

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AcadianfiddletraditionsintheMaritimesAcadian fiddle traditions in the Maritimes

Lisa Ornstein and Colin Grant will demonstrate the intricacies of the fiddle styes found in the Maritimes and the Magdalen Islands.

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AcadiantraditionalmusicandtheNorthAmericandiasporaAcadian traditional music and the North American diaspora

Musicians Gilles Losier and David Greely take us on a trip through the musical cultures of Acadia and Louisiana.

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