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LisaCameronVernMacDougallLisa Cameron & Vern MacDougall

Lisa Cameron was raised among a musical family in Margaree Forks. Since the 2004 release of her album End Of Blue (produced by J.P. Cormier), Lisa has been no stranger to stages across Nova Scotia. She has been featured on CBC Radio, the 2005 ECMA stage, and the 2005 compilation Lullabies of Our Cape Breton which won a 2006 ECMA for Best Children’s Recording. For the past couple of years, Lisa has been playing local venues and writing with a small group of Cape Breton songwriters resulting in the release of a collaborative record, Through the Winter in 2009. This past summer, Lisa released her second solo CD, Unspoken.

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MarioColosimoMario Colosimo

Mario Colosimo has been providing piano accompaniment to island musicians for over 30 years. Although classically trained, he plays every style of music from Celtic to Swing. He has lent his piano, guitar and vocal talents to many local bands and artists. Mario operates a music studio in Dominion where he teaches guitar, fiddle, piano and piano accompaniment. In 2010, Mario collaborated with Paul Cranford on his Tunes from the Lighthouse Collection and recorded a double CD called More Tunes from the Lighthouse. He also worked with Cranford in 2011 transcribing songs for The Celtic Colours Collection.

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Mardeen is a rock band from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Writing music together since their early teen years, they’ve always focused on melody and playing loud. After releasing their second full length, Miss You Forever in 2013, Mardeen set out to try something different. Working with producer Joel Plaskett, the band recorded an EP with a heavy Cape Breton influence. The EP, along with another EP of forgotten recordings, will be released in 2014.

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MaximCormierMaxim Cormier

Maxim Cormier is a young guitarist in his 20’s from Cheticamp, Cape Breton. His guitar playing is both truly peaceful and extremely complex and this presentation of dynamic emotion and style fuels every note Maxim plays. His original works are largely comprised of acoustic guitar that highlights a contemporary, modern approach to otherwise classic sounds. The word “versatility” best describes Cormier as he effortlessly performs styles as diverse as jazz, blues, folk, classical and traditional Celtic music. In 2012, Cormier was awarded the Drive’ers Association’s Big Sampie Award and released his debut album.

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MaryJaneLamondWendyMacIsaacMary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac

Whether it’s the mesmerizing Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane, or the superb and true musicianship of Wendy on the fiddle, these ladies have been making their mark with traditional audiences worldwide for over two decades. Mary Jane and Wendy have both been recognized internationally for their solo music careers, and Wendy has been Mary Jane’s steadfast comrade in the presentation of her music for many years. It seems only natural that these two impressive talents now come together to create a true musical partnership, which combines their musical sensibilities, their strong Celtic roots, and their colourful personalities.

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NathanRogersNathan Rogers

Some say he was born into it, some that he was born with it, while others claim he has earned it. With one foot planted firmly in folk music’s traditional roots and the other reaching into its dynamic future, Nathan Rogers isn’t entirely sure what ‘it’ is; singer, songwriter, guitarist, throat-chanter, percussionist, revivalist, or innovator. Whatever it may be, “Nathan has the ability to turn the folk world on its ears.”

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Since the group’s inception in 1977, McGinty has been a mainstay on the East Coast music scene. As ambassadors for Nova Scotia music and good times, they have performed all over the world. Strong vocal arrangements rooted in an East Coast culture are the hallmarks of McGinty music and they have shared the stage with the likes of John Prine, Liam Clancy and The Chieftans. McGinty have a way of making the smallest pub feel like a concert or the largest festival feel like a kitchen party.

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TheMischaMacphersonTrioThe Mischa Macpherson Trio

Fèis Rois is one of Scotland’s leading youth arts companies. The organization aims to give young people the opportunity to experience and engage with traditional music and Gaelic culture. This year Fèis Rois brings three graduates from its successful Ceilidh Trail program to Celtic Colours–Mischa Macpherson (Gaelic song & clarsach), Conal McDonagh (pipes & whistles) and Innes White (guitar & mandolin). These three talented young musicians met on The Ceilidh Trail and have gone on to win the 2014 Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections and the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award as the Mischa Macpherson Trio.

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