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Comprised of five Cape Breton pipers – Paul K. MacNeil, Keith MacDonald, Rankin MacInnis, Kenneth MacKenzie, and Kevin Dugas – and formed by the Gaelic College, Nuallan seeks to represent, promote and explore the style of piping brought by Highland Gaels and developed over the past two hundred years here in Cape Breton Island. This rich style of playing had a strong focus on the rhythm and musicality of the music and an inherent link with the song and dance traditions of the Gaelic culture. Nuallan’s members are well-known individually for their rhythmic, musical playing and bringing them together to celebrate the importance of these connections was a natural fit.

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PaulMacDonaldPaul MacDonald

Paul MacDonald is a musician of many talents who has traveled throughout traditional music circles both at home and abroad. An accomplished guitarist, Paul has performed with musicians such as Jerry Holland, Joe Derrane, Sharon Shannon, John MacLean and The Boys of The Lough. Paul is also a skilful and creative music producer and engineer and his audio restorations have put many fine old recordings back into circulation. Since 2003, Paul has lectured on Celtic Music at St. FX University, Antigonish, presenting old recordings he has collected throughout his career. Paul has performed with violin-maker and composer Otis Tomas since 1988.

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