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HazeliusHedinHazelius Hedin

Two of Sweden’s most established folk musicians have joined forces in a duo format. Hazelius Hedin create music with a fervor that leaves few listeners unaffected. With music characterized by clarity and a presence that often produces the famous pin-factor in live settings, the two play and sing songs from the Swedish folk music repertoire that they have made their own.

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TheNordicFiddlersBlocThe Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc is an exciting new trio featuring 3 top young fiddlers from Norway, Sweden and the Shetland Islands. Anders Hall, Olav Luksegård Mjelva and Kevin Henderson have combined their three distinctive styles to create a new diverse sound.

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SnowflakeTrioSnowflake Trio

Snowflake Trio is a great example of two strong cultures coming together to find and appreciate the musical links between two areas in the world. Representing Norway and Ireland, the band comprises Nuala Kennedy on flute, vocals and whistle, Frode Haltli on Accordion, and Vegar Vårdal on Hardanger Fiddle. With members who are equally versed and highly regarded in classical music, jazz and of course traditional music, this trio is a unique combination of virtuosic musicians who play with a great sense of pure delight and joy.

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Olov Johansson and Mikael Marin started playing together as teenagers around 1980. They met and jammed on nyckelharpa and guitar with Roger Tallroth at a festival in 1989. While Olov and Mikael were playing fairly straightforward folkmusic duets, Roger’s chordings and rhythms provided a different twist on Swedish traditional music. They recorded an album and took on the name Väsen—a Swedish word with many meanings, “essence” among the most prominent. It was originally meant to just be an album title, but soon people were calling to book the band Väsen and the name stuck. The band’s popularity gradually grew, along with their international reputation. They have now released 15 albums and continue to tour regularly.

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PeterUhrbrandPeter Uhrbrand

Peter is a tremendous fiddler from Denmark, calling the island of Fanoe home. A highly regarded traditional player with almost 40 years of experience, he has played and instructed many notable musicians, including Artist in Residence, Harald Haugaard! Along with his musical wife and daughter, he has played for many traditional folk dances over the years. Performing at the festival with Peter is the noted accordionist, Ole Mouritzen. Together, they will be a welcome addition to the festival!

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