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HeartandSoulHeart and Soul – SOLD OUT

This lovely church has seen its share of heart and soul, but tonight beautiful music from Sweden’s finest will mingle with Gaelic, French and English songs for a very soulful evening.

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ForAlexFrancisFor Alex Francis – SOLD OUT

You could hear the Gaelic in his bow. Alex Francis left us with a legacy of music played with the language at its core and tonight we thank him for that gift.

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TunesforScottyTunes for Scotty

The memory of his fiddle style lives on in the players who gather near his birthplace to play tunes for Winston “Scotty”.

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StringCrossingsString Crossings

The magic ability of strings to bring us a complete sound–melody, harmony, rhythm and percussion–comes to fruition in this exciting concert with string players from six countries.

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CeilidhontheCanalCeilidh on the Canal – SOLD OUT

What happens when J.P., Tim, John, Dirk, Riley, Antti and Arto are in the same room? This one comes with a disclaimer…beware of unbridled virtuosity.

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