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SupperattheCauseway-FishcakesandBeansSupper at the Causeway – Fishcakes and Beans

A home-cooked meal of baked beans and fishcakes with brown bread and biscuits with dessert and tea or coffee.

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Community Ceilidh at the Causeway

Join local musicians for songs and tunes. Bring your instruments and voices.

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GalleryExhibitPhotographerPeterJowettGallery Exhibit: Photographer Peter Jowett

An exhibition of works from Nova Scotia photographer Peter Jowett, who captures scenes from the natural world.

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ATouchoftheIrishA Touch of the Irish

We all like to claim a touch of Irish heritage, but tonight it’s the real deal…fiddles, banjos and guitars with virtuosity and energy to burn.

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TheTiesthatBindThe Ties that Bind

The bonds of blood and friendship play a powerful role in our culture. We kick off the 2014 festival with friends and families who make beautiful music together.

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