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JenniferRolandBandJennifer Roland Band

Jennifer has been wowing audiences in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, England, Scotland, the Arctic and all across Canada and the US for years. Jennifer’s performances are always filled with emotion and energy, and she has three albums to her credit—two of which earned her East Coast Music Award nominations in the Instrumental Recording of the Year category (2001, 2007). Jennifer continues to tour, compose music and owns and operates her own school of music in Dance. Jennifer’s band includes Jason Kempt (piano), Keith Mullins (percussion), Lyndon MacKenzie (guitar), and Mark macIntyre (bass).

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KevinDugasKevin Dugas

Born in Inverness, Cape Breton, Kevin has been playing the great highland bagpipe for 19 years. His early piping career was influenced by many great tutors at the Gaelic College summer school and he now competes at the professional level in piping solos and band competitions with the 78th Highlanders Halifax Citadel grade 1 pipe band. Growing up, Kevin was inspired musically by his Scottish and Acadian roots, and the many great traditional musicians from Inverness County. He enjoys attending square dances and playing for square sets whenever possible, and has recorded with the Cape Breton piano player Mac Morin.

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LaSwingduSuteLa Swing du Suête

La Swing du Suête initially came together in 1997 for the first annual Cape Breton Dance Festival in Cheticamp. Over the years, La Swing du Suête has presented itself across the Maritime provinces as well as in Quebec and Louisiana, USA. The troupe continues to enchant audiences with their music, their dances, and particularly their charm. This troupe is comprised of some 27 dancers ranging in age from 10 to 17 all students at École NDA in Chéticamp.

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MacMorinMac Morin

Mac Morin is a dancer and piano player from Troy. Starting out as a talented dancer, Mac became interested in piano as a teenager. He has gone on to tour around the world with Natalie MacMaster and Beòlach while continuing to travel widely to teach Cape Breton step dancing. Mac has appeared on numerous artists’ recordings and released a solo album in 2003. As Artist in Residence this year, he will be directing a special concert tracing the evolution of Cape Breton piano style. He will also perform with Beòlach, Natalie MacMaster, Mairi Rankin, Dannsa and Nic Gareiss.

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MairiRankinMairi Rankin

Born in Mabou, Mairi Rankin is a fiddler and step dancer who has been influenced by some of the best Cape Breton traditional musicians and instructors on the island. She has developed her own unique style by being immersed in such a rich musical culture. Mairi has been fortunate to tour nationally and internationally as a performer and educator in both fiddle and step dance. She has performed as a solo artist, a sideman, and as a member of the Cape Breton Celtic super group Beòlach and the Scottish/Irish/Canadian band The Outside Track. Mairi has recorded one solo album, two each with Beòlach and The Outside Track and been featured on numerous compilations and recordings.

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MaryJaneLamondWendyMacIsaacMary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac

Whether it’s the mesmerizing Gaelic vocals of Mary Jane, or the superb and true musicianship of Wendy on the fiddle, these ladies have been making their mark with traditional audiences worldwide for over two decades. Mary Jane and Wendy have both been recognized internationally for their solo music careers, and Wendy has been Mary Jane’s steadfast comrade in the presentation of her music for many years. It seems only natural that these two impressive talents now come together to create a true musical partnership, which combines their musical sensibilities, their strong Celtic roots, and their colourful personalities.

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NatalieMacMasterNatalie MacMaster

Natalie MacMaster is an electrifying performer whose fiddle-playing has become synonymous with Cape Breton’s traditional music. It’s a signature sound that has resonated with world audiences through 11 albums; numerous Juno and East Coast Music Awards; two honorary degrees and an honorary doctorate; the Order Of Canada; and a reputation as one of Canada’s most captivating performers. In addition to publishing a coffee table book in 2010, Natalie had recently released her eleventh album, “Cape Breton Girl”. She has been an ambassador of Cape Breton fiddle music, and we’re very happy to have her home to celebrate Celtic Colours this year.

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Comprised of five Cape Breton pipers, Nuallan seeks to represent, promote and explore the style of piping brought by Highland Gaels and developed over the past two hundred years here in Cape Breton Island. This rich style of playing had a strong focus on the rhythm and musicality of the music and an inherent link with the song and dance traditions of the Gaelic culture. Nuallan’s members are well-known individually for their rhythmic, musical playing and bringing them together to celebrate the importance of these connections was a natural fit.

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