Wednesday October 15

Keys to the Cape Breton Piano

7:30 PM, Strathspey Place, Mabou, Tickets: $35/30/25

Join Mac and his keyboard “buds” as they explore the evolution of Cape Breton’s unique piano style. Its alive and well… and always on the move.

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Mac Morin | Tracey Dares MacNeil | Erin Leahy | Troy MacGillivray | Brad Davidge | Nathaniel Smith | Eric Breton


Strings Across the Miles

7:30 PM, North Highlands Elementary, Aspy Bay, Tickets: $30/25

String players from BC to Cape Breton and across the ocean meet for a very special gathering in a place where the tunes live on forever.

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The Fretless | Adam Sutherland & Hamish Napier | Buddy MacDonald | Rachel Davis | Qristina & Quinn Bachand


From Ceòlas to Cape Breton (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, St. Mary's Parish Hall, Glendale, Tickets: $25

Every year Ceolas brings Cape Breton musicians and dancers to teach in its summer school in South Uist. Today they hold a reunion in Glendale.

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MacDonalds of Glenuig | Howie MacDonald | Kinnon Beaton | Betty Lou Beaton | Howie MacDonald | Dwayne Côté | Harvey Beaton | Fin Moore | Sarah Hoy


Louisbourg Crossroads (SOLD OUT)

7:30 PM, Louisbourg Playhouse , Louisbourg, Tickets: $35/30/25

From soulful songs to lively fiddles and banjos, you can’t beat the intimate setting for this close encounter at the crossroads.

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Tony McManus | Laura Smith | We Banjo 3 | Carl MacKenzie | Doug MacPhee | Dave MacIsaac


Ceilidh on the Canal

7:30 PM, St. Peter's Lions Club, St. Peter's, Tickets: $30/25

Scottish and Cape Breton roots reconnect and voices fill the air with song for this dynamic ceilidh that will be a visit to remember.

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Nathan Rogers | Dàimh | Derrick & Melody Cameron | Donna-Marie DeWolfe | Joël Chiasson


Acadian Welcome

7:30 PM, Étoile de l'Acadie, Sydney, Tickets: $30/25

Acadia is alive and well at Etoile and tonight they celebrate with friends from Quebec, Cheticamp and across the sea. Bring your dancing shoes!

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De Temps Antan | J.P. Cormier | Maeve Gilchrist | Nic Gareiss | Pellerin Brothers | Susan MacLean | Christine & Sylvie Doucet


Festival Club

11:00 PM, Colaisde Na Gàidhlig/Gaelic College, St. Ann's, Tickets: $20 / $10 with concert ticket stub

Located at the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s, the licensed Festival Club offers an opportunity for artists to showcase in a more informal setting, as well as get a session in with friends and colleagues from near and far.

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