Capt. John Smith Goes to Ukraine

Saturday October 11th , 2:00 PM

Cape Breton University Boardmore Playhouse – 1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney
Hosted by: Todd Hiscock
Price: $12 general; $8 students, seniors; $6 CBU students.

Theatre by Yara Arts Group (New York). Everyone knows about Pocahontas, but few are aware that shortly before Capt. John Smith first sailed for Virginia, he was an adventurer in the Mediterranean where he fought the Ottoman Turks, was captured and sold as a slave. This play is a comedy/musical/historical epic-in-an hour with 3 characters created by poet Bob Holman, performance artist Susan Hwang, Ukrainian musician Julian Kytasty and director Virlana Tkacz. It deals with Smith's adventures in Eastern Europe circa 1603, where he first met "other" people and gained experience that helped him prepare for dealing with Native Americans as founder of Jamestown. (For more info:

For more information on this event please contact:
Todd Hiscock
(902) 563-1351

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