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Hike the Coxheath Colours and Ceilidh

October 18, 20141:00 pm4:00 pm
This community event combines the celebration of the fall colours and celtic music while hiking along a beautiful nature trail. Musicians and naturalists are situated along the trail and storytellers will be in the cabin sharing local lore and tall tales. After enjoying a number of panoramic views, a ceilidh in the hall rounds off the experience, where you can purchase hot apple cider, tea, and oatcakes and biscuits.
Outdoor Events

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Craft Dinner

October 18, 201412:00 pm4:40 pm
Come join us at the Scotsville School of Crafts for our monthly craft potluck! Drop in and bring your knitting, spinning, embroidery, crochet, lace making, weaving, painting, jewellery making – whatever you are working on. Join the guild to use the equipment at the school. Members free; donations from non-members are appreciated
Participatory Events

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